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February 16, 2004 by aka_evil_kricket
WiSe ThInGs To Do In EvErYdAy LiFe:

WaLk Up To An ElDeRlY aNd AsK fOr 20 TaMpOnS fOr YoUr MaLe FrIeNd BeCaUsE hE hAs A sEvErE cAsE oF gAs.
TeLl A rAnDoM sTrAnGeR tHaT yOu HaVe An UnCoNtRoLlAbLe UrGe To LiCk ThE hAiR oF pAsTy WhItE mEn AnD aShY BlAcK wOmEn.
HoLd A cRuSiFiX 3 fEeT fRoM yOuR cHeSt FaCiNg SoMeOnE wHo ApPeArS tO bE a GoTh AnD sHaKe UnCoNtRoLlAbLy ShOuTiNg, "ThE dEviL HaTh CoMeTh! SpArE mE gReAt LuCiPhEr!!!" FaLl To ThE gRoUnD aS iF yOu HaVe HaD a HeArTaTtAcK.
WaLk InTo A cRo...